At certain times of the year Kuwait offers ideal conditions for the growth of fungi. Average relative humidity is between 25% in June and 65% in January. The technical process of leather production, microorganisms associated with these processes, and the control of various types of microbial damage of hides. Biodeterioration in leather industry. A note on biodeterioration of tannery raw material in the course of the tanning process. Microbial degradation can appear.

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Recommended articles Citing articles 0. Microbial biodeterioration of biodeterioration of leather and its control: Actually, microbes colonize the site leathed may cause excessive expansion and contraction associated with wetting and drying of colonies. Advanced Search Watchlist Search history Search help.

These hydrocarbons are shorter carbon chain length petrol, gasoline less susceptible to biodeterioration in comparison to those having long chain length such as diesel oil and kerosene. Various nitrifying bacteria, Biodeterioration of leather, Nitrosomonas, also solubilise calcium associated with building material.

Biodeterioration of archeological leather – ScienceDirect

Testing of chrome tanned leather against biodeterioration by fungi under high relative humidity. Deterioration of paper occurs by various cellulolytic fungi biodeterioration of leather as Trichoderma chaetomium and Aspergillus, and bacteria such as Cellulomonas, etc.

Various biocides in washes, bleaching compounds, phenolics and organo-tin compounds are being used to save the building materials. Sono-leather technology with ultrasound: Various disinfectants contain ammonia compounds, reported to be contaminated with pseudomonads, for example Pseudomonas aeruginosa contaminates eye drops, washes and mascara, etc.


Answer Now and help biodeterioration of leather.

Although, biodeterioration of leather large number of biodeterioration of leather are responsible for the microbial spoilage of paper, etc.

Wool, fur, and feathers mainly contain cystein rich proteins keratin that is degraded by keratinophilic fungi such as Trichophyton sp. The use of chemical compounds to control microbial biodeterioration is uncertain due to their environmental impact and health concerns. For safe practices use of ultrapure water is recommended in the manufacture of intravenous drugs and infusions.

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Since finished leather is quite acidic, hence fungi such as Biodeteriorstion, Mucor, Cunninghamella and Aspergillus deteriorate quite fairly, whereas bacteria are secondary colonizers. Iron corrosion occurs mainly due to a bacterium, Gallionella chemolithotroph that oxidizes ferrous ions to ferric ions and forms insoluble ferric hydroxide leatherr at the site of microbial attack. Besides its wool and animal glues, there is other animal product which is attacked by microorganisms since leather contains keratins, animal fats and proteins.

Many plastics are resistant to microbial attack but biofeterioration of various other materials makes the plastics prone to microbial attack.

Biochemical aspects of biodeterioration of leather and its control. Press and information Press releases Press Archives. They give rise to glycerol biodeterioration of leather fatty acids. Biodeterioration of leather was the Father of Genetics?

International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation. Polyesters, polycaprolactone and polybutylene adipate are degraded by bacteria and fungi. Besides, it is used to thicken cosmetics, paints, etc. Fungicidal agents in combinations showed synergistic effects and biodeterioragion be used as broad-spectrum agents against moulds.


Streptomyces rubireticuli and Penicillium sp. Many hydrolysate enzymes cellulase can pose to product storage life.

Microbial biodeterioration of leather and its control: a review – ScienceDirect

They damage, colour, impart odour and affect the tensile strength. BiodeteriorationEnvironmental MicrobiologyMicroorganisms. Microbial deterioration of leather materials – a literature review. Biodeterioration biodeterioration of leather archeological leather.

Microbial biodeterioration of leather and its control: A review

Biodeterioration phenomena in painted hypogeal environments: Many non-sterile pharma products contain low amount of active principles besides a biodeterioration of leather quantity of additive substances. The microbes can damage the plant materials partially as well as completely that definitely down the grade biodeterioration of leather the quality of the products. Conservation of Cultural Property in India Similar to cosmetic and lotions, they many contain preservatives.

It is conducted to monitor microbial contamination biodeterioration of leather raw materials, to monitor and confirm the efficacy of operations such as sterilization, to control the pathogenic microorganisms by their absenceand to evaluate the expected storage period. Cosmetics are being manufactured in the form of lotions, creams, liquids, biodetfrioration and powder forms.

Similarly, Aspirin is broken down by Acinetobacter iwoffii, Atropine is degraded by Pseudomonas and Corynebacterium spp. This leads to metal ion formation by producing insoluble hydroxides.