Biefeld-Brown effect is not understood. The order of magnitude of the net force on the asymmetric capacitor is estimated assuming two different mechanisms of. PDF | The Biefeld-Brown is a fascinating effect with which levitation can be reached without moving or rotating elements. Static voltage is. Biefeld-Brown effect Lifter. «on: 03/15/ AM». Has anyone heard of (or even built) one of these asymmetrical capacitor “Lifters”. I just saw a story on it.

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How does that impact the mass flow?

Biefeld-Brown effect Lifter

I’m pretty sure this is just bron air stripping off some of the electrons from the N2, for exampleand driving them through the electrical field between the strips of Aluminum foil; your TV does a similar rffect when it take a cathode-ray a beam of electrons and uses electrical and magnetic fields to bend the beam in such a way to draw pictures on your screen It might be useful as a thruster in LEO, where there is still some atmosphere, but less effective the higher in the thermosphere you get.

Other ionic US patents of interest: I can’t believe something like this hasn’t been known or throughly studied by some propulsion type group. This creates a high field gradient around the smaller, positively charged electrode. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here According to their report, the researchers claimed that the effects effcet ion wind was at least three orders of magnitude too small to account for the observed force on the asymmetric capacitor in the air.

Hagen infor apparatus more or less identical to the later so-called ‘ lifter ‘ devices. Retrieved from ” https: The number of air molecules around the ionizing electrode is reduced, decreasing the quantity of ionized particles.


This produces an equally scaled opposing force in the lower electrode. The sample mass and the capacitor are placed inside a measurement cell filled with high purity nitrogen gas.

Air Force researcher R. But at one g in a near vacuum there won’t be he mass flow for one of these to fly, that’s what I was complaning about AS for the magnetoplasma sail I think it’s a great idea but is there a superconductor with a high enough H c avaiable? If the radiation is totally reflected, the radiation pressure is doubled.


This effect may provide new tools for investigation of the quantum nature of our world. What I was refering to, though, was Myrbo’s latest sceme for directing a maser at a lightcraft, absoring that energy with rectennas, and using it power an air ionisation propulsion system However, note also that at higher speeds, a given partial vacuum is subjectively a lot denser than at a bieefeld velocity, ergo more mass flow.

Views Read Edit View history. However, Ulf Leonhardt of the University of St. Both broen exert pressure but the radiation part is orders of magnitude more powerful. However, there is little experimental evidence that serves to validate his claims.

When he applied a high voltage electrical charge to a Coolidge tube that he placed on a scale, Brown noticed a difference in the tubes mass depending on orientation, implying some kind of net force.

That asymmetry would give the vacuum a net momentum in one direction, and the material would have to gain momentum in the opposite direction to compensate.

Simon If you’re talking about the biefld, there has actually been some testflight, I think it went to ft or so, problem is, it’s gotta be very light and need a powerful laser as for the lifters, yep it ionises air around and use it to move, and in this case too needs to be very light.

The thruster would be thrusting in the direction of travel in orbit, not vertically. Using relativity, Feigel found that the Abraham definition accounts for the momentum of the electric and magnetic fields alone, while the Minkowski definition also takes into account the momentum of the material. Leik Myrabo has done some real engineering work on an air ionisation drive with the power supplied by ground-based lasers. In a series of papers co-authored with fellow university physicist Douglas G.

Given internal ion engines need a near vacuum to work in as well, the only difference is that a lifter could theoretically use the proton flow of the solar wind if its electrostatic field could be strong and large enough much like the magnetoplasma sail depends on solar wind as well.

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So long as it is still a ‘near vacuum’, there is still some working fluid for its open electrostatic field to use. Brown was granted a number of patents on his discovery:. Historically, numerous patents have been granted for various applications of the effect, from electrostatic dust precipitation, to air ionizersand also for flight.

The article also mentioned the “gravitator,” an invention by Brown which produced motion without the use of electromagnetism, gears, propellers, or wheels, but instead using the principles of what he called “electro-gravitation.

Below the glow biefelx region, the breakdown voltage increases again, whilst the number of potential ions decreases, and the chance of impact effecg. Campbell pointed out to a Wired magazine reporter that creating a true vacuum similar to space for the test requires tens of thousands of dollars in equipment. As part of a study inU. TO suggest they work in a near vacuum, tut tut. Most current laser propulsion research, is thus focused on using laser pulses to drive a propellant in the opposite direction you want to go a.

Biefeld-Brown effect

Brown believed that his large, high voltage, high capacity capacitors produced an electric field strong enough to marginally interacted with the Earth’s gravitational pull, a phenomenon he labeled electrogravitics. However, this effect works using either bjefeld for the electrodes: The easy way to prove that it is just atmospheric ionisation, and not “anti-gravity”, is to put one of these things in a vacuum chamber; if there is “anti-gravity”, it should produce lift, otherwise it will just sit there These lifters use the air as their working fluid, take away the air and they don’t work.

Look its this simple: There have been follow-ups on the claims that this force can be produced in a full vacuum, meaning it is an unknown anti-gravity force, and not just the more well known ion wind.