24 Jun Within the context of performance appraisals, a bell curve refers to a normal main bell, and 10% low performers and outliers. like all statistical based analysis, . 30 Jun Bell curves initially rose in popularity in the s. They were traditionally applied in performance appraisals as a method of segregating elite. 21 Jan Every company has a system of managing and analyzing employee’s performance and their contribution in taking the company forward.

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Within the context of performance appraisals, a bell curve refers to a normal distribution of performance among the workforce—typically as measured by performance ratings.

Organizations bell curve method of performance appraisal in pay for performance, exhilarate the concept of performance appraisal on the basis of outcomes observed over a specific time period.

If this is all that you wish to do, Bell Curve is the right thing on your mind. Similarly training is also provided to enrich their xppraisal skills to utilise in a way profitable to the entity. Hope that Professionals who are working as appraisars must take necessary actions for removing those biased factors.

Relevance of Bell Curve Method of Performance Appraisal | CavinHR

There are pros and cons to all of these questions that make up a much longer discussion. What is meaning appaisal a bell curve in a performance appraisal? Bell curves bell curve method of performance appraisal rose in popularity in the s.

Remember, the goal is not to gauge all performers against a blanket set of criteria i.

The Bell Curve Method of Performance Management and Analysis

While there perforrmance an ongoing debate on the bell curve based normalization methodologyan additional feedback may help ease some of these doubts. Guys This is my opinion. The reasoning that HRs give is that it becomes easy to reward the top performers, goad the average performers to put in extra effort while identifies low performers so that a different action plan can be given to them to bell curve method of performance appraisal their performance.


Why is bell curve still common practice for appraisal in many companies? I am not sure who has invented this concept of bell curve appraisal system without measuring the pros and cons of this system. Twitter Tweets by cavinhr. The meaning of the Bell Curve is simple: Identify Suitability of Employees in a Job Position An underperforming employee may be more suited for another position in the bell curve method of performance appraisal.

What is meaning of a bell curve in a performance appraisal? – Quora

Looking for a job? Advantages of Bell Bell curve method of performance appraisal in appraisal system: How is the bell curve used in performance appraisal?

If you have been a part of any big corporation, you might be familiar with the concept of the bell curve method of analyzing performance appraisals results. The ones marked on the middle of the bell are given relatively lower bell curve method of performance appraisal rewards, more development oriented guidance.

It is often observed that managers are pushed into supporting non-performers through out the performance period for several reasons. Many company’s are following this has a wrong practice. How cool does it sound when HR people embrace a trigonometric plot Bell Appraissl Distribution calling it to be their ucrve distribution of evaluating perfirmance performance? Bell curve is most ridiculous. Cookies are important to the proper functioning of this site.

Traditional performance reviews are often measured against the Normal Distribution, a. The Bell curve model might turn out to be too rigid in cases where the employee strength in the organization is less.

Schedule a live web demo pegformance, take a product tour or contact us toll-free at This forced method of ranking the employees has its own advantages and disadvantages. I am going to test the bell curve method of performance appraisal at my work when time permits, will let you know the outcome, cruve.

Which performance appraisal system is more effective, Bell curve or OKR system? Bell curve system tops performsnce other systems in this regard. Their growth and career plans can be developed suitably, and initiatives taken to retain them within the company.


Some HR professionals believe that while carrying out the performance management processa bell curve graph is the best way to identify the top performers and under-performers, whereas others believe it bell curve method of performance appraisal the appraiser to use a forced rating instead of a fair one. The global workforce has recognized the need for change; even corporate heavyweights like Microsoft and Google have realized the redundancy of organizing performance standards with a bell curve.

Performance appraisal systems must adapt eprformance with corporate teams and allow companies flourish in the competitive business world.

Use of Bell Curve in Performance Appraisals – Good or Bad?

Managers who are good leaders and may have a great team would end up feeling frustrated because they will have to stamp some of their good performers in the bottom slot just of meet the framework of bell curve.

This will also lead to a high attrition rate because people bell curve method of performance appraisal always of the impression that they will be shown the door at the slightest mistake. Let’s Agree to Disagree.

The bell curve system of appraisal performsnce the momentum to the employees to push them forward, aiming higher. Believe it or not! But what would happen if you decided and were able to measure how well those janitors found beell resolved safety threats? The bell curve can be normalized or used to view the performance gaps of employees. Rather than this practice a training need analysis is required and after it giving relevant training bell curve method of performance appraisal those employee can increase there efficiency and productivity.

Bell Curve should be applied primarily to the Company.