Banabhatta’s Kadambari: a classic Sanskrit story of magical transformations, translated with an introduction by Gwendolyn Layne – Free ebook download as PDF. The story of * Kadambari’ is a very complefx one, dealing The Plot of as it . To this the commentary adds: *The **Kridambari” of Banabhatta is an example. Banabhatta is the author of Kadambari ( avg rating, 42 ratings, 4 reviews, published ), The Harshacarita of Banabhatta/Text of Uchchhvasas I-VIII.

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Purvabhaga Complete Translation into English. Dowsoii, ‘ Cljissical Dictionary. She banabhatta kadambari be cared for as a young maiden ; she must be shielded from the thoughtless like thine own nature ; she must be looked on as a pupil. Mahashveta is driven jadambari by banabhatta kadambari love-sickness.

A Story for a Verse – Banabhatta

Are these things pleasures or pains? Great is the power of a noble soul. The site of the temple of Mahakula is still shown outside the ruins banabhatta kadambari the old town. VM Certainly ere long the queen shall bear banabhatta kadambari son that, like Mandhatri, shall bo a leader among all royal sages, and a cause of joy to banabhatta kadambari the world ; and he shall gladden thy heart, king, as the lotus-pool in autumn with its burst of fresh lotuses gladdens the royal banabhatta kadambari ; by him thy kingly line shall become strong to bear the weight of the world, and shall be unbroken in its succession as the stream of a wild elephant’s ichor.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Oriental Translation Fund Series, p. Chandrapeeda is brought back to life by Banabhatta kadambari touch. The sun’s orb hanging in the sky became crimson, sharing my heart’s glow ; the Lakshml of sunlight longing for the sight of the flushed sun, and preparing her lotus-couch, turned pale as though faint with love ; the sunbeams, rosy as they fell on waters dyed with red chalk, rose from the lotus-beds clustering like herds of woodland elephants ; the day, with an echo of the joyous neighing of the steeds of banabhatta kadambari sun’s chariot longing to rest after their descent of the sky, entered the caves of Mount Meru ; the lotus-beds, as the bees entered the folded leaves of the red lilies, seemed to close their eyes as though banabhatta kadambari hearts were darkened by a swoon at the sun’s departure ; the pairs of banabhatta kadambari, each taking the other’s heart, safely hidden in the hollow lotus-stalks whereof they had eaten together, were now parted ; and my umbrella-bearer approaching me, said as follows: Why dost thou, like a man of low caste, fail banabhatta kadambari restrain the turmoil of thy soul?


These their armies that have entered the heart of the ten regions follow thee alone.

For it is not on us that the gods are wont to bestow their favours. The virtues of kaxambari noble banabhatta kadambari, reaching far and gleam- ing bright as a digit of the moon, yet without its spot, pierced deep even into the hearts of his foes, like the budding claws of Nrisimha Vishnu.

Vaishampayana continues his narration. For the good are rich in self-control. There the elephants, too, though excited, are tender-hearted, and banabhatta kadambari not drive away banabhatta kadambari their flapping the bees that dwell round their frontal bones, and stay motionless to drink their ichor. Follow this row of yaks straight before us! For my life and my kingdom are wholly thine.

It originated from the lute of a heavenly damsel dressed banabhatta kadambari in Lord Shiva’s temple as her to narrate her story.

Full text of “The Kadambari of Bana”

In my abstract I have kept the direct narration as more banabhatta kadambari, kxdambari even when passages are given rather fully, it does not profess in any case to be more than a very free rendering ; sometimes only the sense of a whole passage is summed up.

It is best for me to leave this place while I yet have my senses, and while he does not clearly see this my banabhatta kadambari folly bqnabhatta love. She also received the award of Sahitya Akademi and the Padma Shri award. He looked at me long with banabhatta kadambari very languid glance, and then, deeply sighing, in accents broken by shame, he slowly and with pain murmured: Post Tags Banabhatta Bhushanabhatta gadya kadambari Literature Sanskrit sanskrit poetry sanskrit prose verse.

Advice is now useless, so I will make an effort just kadambair preserve his life. Such banabhatta kadambari this king.

kadambaari Vaishampayana went into a state of stupor and seemed banabhatta kadambari be searching for something. Thus thou must often be told at length. Hence came a herd of deer!

And’ why is this waist of thine bereft of the music of the girdle thou hast laid aside? Pundarika appears from heaven in the banqbhatta in banabhatta kadambari Mahashveta was infatuated. AVho was he in a former birth, and how was he born in the form of a bird?

Now, all auspicious omens which come to us forotell the near approach of joy ; and what other cause of banabhatta kadambari can there be than this? Let the people see that banabhatta kadambari hast received thy training, like a young royal elephant come banabhatta kadambari from the enclosure, having in thy mind the whole orb of the arts, like the full moon newly risen. He is a recipient of the Badarayana-Vyasa Puraskar from the President of India for his contribution to the Sanskrit language.


Mahashveta pesters Kadambari that she banabhxtta let Chandrapeeda return to his place. In a collection of manuscripts at the British Museum Or.

U ‘ With renowned warriors on their backs.

Surely kadmbari his heart he banabhxtta me banabhatta kadambari being thus deceived by Kama! No other course is visible ; no other remedy is perceived ; no other refuge is at hand ; no other way is before me. There, even now, the wanderer may see pairs of cakravakas, with their wings turned to blue by the gleam of kadambrai blossoming lotuses, as if they were swallowed up by the impersonate curse of Rama. Tarapeeda begins to spend his days in the forest near his son’s body.

Wherefore he, seeing my plight, was lillod with pity, and said to another young ascetic standing near: He goes forth banabhatta kadambari meets his army. Pulastya added that the curse would be banabhatta kadambari when the story was told in a king’s court. Who have not accepted his stufT of ollice? Pundarika feeling humbled and asks for his rosary back. The original article banabhatta kadambari from the anthology Kavitegondu Kathe.

Wondering at the strange sight, and eager to take them, he brought up his horse respectfully near them and approached them. Straightway Lakshml, enthroned on a thousand- petalled white lotus close by, beheld him coming down bsnabhatta the flowers, banabhatta kadambari looking on him, she drank in his banabatta with eyes half closed by love, and quivering with weight of joyous tears, and with her slender fingers laid on her softly-opening lips ; and her heart was disturbed by Love ; by her glance alone she banabhatta kadambari his affection.

Drunk with love’s breath, restrain thyself! Competition arose between them to compose the unfinished portion of Kadambariand banabhatta kadambari issue was taken to their teacher for settlement.