Rubik’s Cube tutorials: From beginners to advanced, and a little bit of stuff I program in my spare time, mostly in Python. Because I’ve been asked times. Learn how you can get this domain» | See more domains like this». This Web page is parked FREE, courtesy of GoDaddy. 24/7 Support. You must solve the cross first. It can be done in 6 moves or less ~82% of the time and ≤7 moves % of the time. These are just optimal example solves; F2L.

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Follow the sitewide rules, and abide by reddiquette. Here’s a quick comparison pic of the vector-based version right with the badmephisto’s PDF badmephistto Algorithms don’t go out of date.

I kinda wish Chris Tran would have made one, maybe you could present yours to him and see if he likes it? I’m now spending all my time trying to make Tesla Autopilot succeed.

Answering a question with “just google it” is also not an acceptable response. Self promotion youtube videos, books, apps, etc is allowed once per week.


We wish you the very best. Follow the sitewide rules, and abide by reddiquette.

The cubing community will always hold a special place in my heart: Thought I’d give back to the community somehow and this badmephisyo the only way I know how: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

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If anyone knows, do give me a shout!

You can download as a PDF, though the formatting might be off a bit. There is no standard naming fit those positions. I was testing a few shades and I think the darker shades work better the stickers pop out a bit more – got rid of the yellow centre piece too so you are focusing bwdmephisto the actual case itself.

Last edited by a moderator: Joined Jun 5, Messages 2 Likes 0. Joined Dec 24, Messages 1, Likes Submit a new text post. I think the lighter grey is a little easier to look at than the black.

Im here cause why not So happy for him.

Badmephisto is now the head of AI at Tesla motors. Congrats to him : Cubers

I learned basically all algs from those pdfs, so it’ll be nice to learn newer algs in the same organized presentation. It’s nice to have an “update” about him. It doesn’t take much time to find a better sequence for the tough cases; I found two better TTLL algs myself in about 5 minutes.

Scroll down before posting For people who love any badmephisyo of geometric puzzles, including but not limited to: Want to add to the discussion?

Badmephisto’s Cubing Site is Gone or Not?!?!?!?

I am not sure what other people think. Don’t worry too much about the font looking messed up in some areas at the moment converted everything to shape layers for the draft copy to reduce file size. Are these cases still revelant on the guide? Thread starter SpeezorCubing Start date Jun 5, I can’t seem to edit the original post to add more content to it.


Zerksies Member Oct 4, He used to be known for his cubing videos and now he is starting to be known for something else. Joined Nov 1, Messages 1 Likes 0. Shorter algorithms are not necessarily faster and the speed of an algorithm can be heavily influenced by an individual’s solving skills and particular finger tricks.

I learned to solve cubing from his video 4 years ago. Become a Redditor and subscribe badmdphisto one of thousands of communities. AlphaSheep Member Oct 5, Every section simplifies to the section above with one trigger such as R U R’.

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Please check our wiki to see if your question already has an answer. Wasn’t too sure about the naming bit but seems fine in that case.

This includes topics addressed in the wiki”Mail day pictures” containing only WCA puzzles, PB posts, and questions that can be answered quickly. I will be messaging you on I don’t know how to badmephosto my feelings. I’m currently using http: Want to brag about an accomplishment?