BackupPC acts as a server and is installed on a Linux system, and from there . Documentation contains the whole BackupPC documentation. Adding a CGI Administrator to BackupPC; Modifying the etc. can be found in the BackupPC Documentation: Step 9 CGI Interface. As BackupPC operates on services running on a remote host, I will call Please read BackupPC documentation: step 5 of client setup for a full.

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Each node of a path is preceded by “f” mnemonic: These users will not be sent email about this host. This creates additional security risks. If documenation have a pure V4 installation, copying the pool and PC backup directories should be quite easy. In that case, set this to any spare port number over eg: BackupPC supports archiving to removable media. Used for email messages.

Configuring an Archive Host To create an Archive Host, add it to the hosts file just as any other host and call it a name that best describes the type of archive, e. Name to use as the “from” name for email. It maintains queues of pending backup requests, user backup requests and administrative commands. For some sites this might be the complete backup solution. See “Some Limitations” for more information. The configuration parameters are divided into five general groups.


One alternative is to set dhcp to 1 in the hosts file, and BackupPC will search a pool of IP addresses looking for hosts. On the other hand, if you are backing up laptops that are only intermittently connected to the network you will want to have frequent wakeups eg: This allows multiple clients to all refer to the same physical host.

For hosts bckuppc have the DHCP flag set to 1, these machines are discovered as follows: Pick your matching version nowadays most likely apache2. Jeremy Tietsort provided the host summary table sorting feature for 3. That’s because a user could set a Cmd to a shell script of their choice and it will be run as the BackupPC user.

BackupPC Documentation

URL without the leading http: This is identical to the previous option, except a tar file is downloaded rather than a zip file and there is currently no compression option. But detailed technical discussions should happen on this list.

The following programs can be used:. If you want to disable direct restores using rsync eg: UTF8 is the default setting, so if the parameter is missing then it is ok. That decision was made long ago when CPUs were a lot slower.

Note that GNU tar has several methods for specifying incremental backups, including: The matching blocks and new data is sent back, documetnation the client file to be reassembled. In this dialog box you can enable sharing, select the share name and permissions. This specifies one blackout period from 7: The backuppc-devel list is only for developers who are working on BackupPC. That’s our next subject.


BackupPC Documentation

RSS” to see if this module is installed. Minimum period in days between full backups.

Several variables are substituted at run-time: If you only create read-only SMB shares which is a good docunentationthen the direct restore will fail.

Note that the archive numbers are not related to the backup or restore number. Specifying lname instead of name uses the language specific string ie: The fourth group are settings for email reminders, and the final group contains settings for the CGI interface.


After more backups are done, a higher percentage of incoming files will already be in the pool. Tar is run on the client machine via rsh or ssh. If it looks cryptic and confusing, and doesn’t look like an error message, then all is ok. This can be a string or an array of strings if there are multiple shares per host. A record rocumentation the restore request, including the result and list of documentatio and directories, is kept.