Image analysis software for determining average grain size as per ASTM E and E standards. No further reproductions authorized. E − 97 () 2. Referenced Documents Symbols: ASTM Standards: 2 α = the phase of interest for grain size. Designation: E − 97 (Reapproved )Standard Test Methods forDetermining Average Grain Size Using Semiautomatic and Automatic Image Analysis1.

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With an upright-type microscope, place the specimen on a slide and level the surface using clay or plasticene between the specimen and astm e1382.

Microscopy & Imaging

This measurement can be performed using field averages, as described in paragraphs Grains intersecting the test area border must be deleted astm e1382 Table 1. If the degree of grain elongation is astm e1382 interest, measure the average chord astm e1382 parallel and perpendicular to the deformation direction in the same manner as described in For manual stage movement, move the x- and y-stage controls without looking at the image.

The final image of the grain awtm should astm e1382 thinned to a 1—2 pixel width, if possible, so that the perceived width of the grain boundaries does not significantly influence the measurement of grain intercept lengths or aatm areas. Delete all grains intersecting the test area border from the image so that partial chord lengths within these grains are not measured. Consequently, preparation of longitudinally oriented specimens, where the plane-of-polish is parallel to the deformation axis or grain astm e1382 direction, is recommended.

The square root of the pooled variance is the pooled standard deviation.

Excessive relief, pitting or pullout must be avoided. Last previous edition approved in as E — 97 Alternatively, a greater number of micrographs can be made and analyzed. These images, e3182 usually astm e1382 low light intensities, can be measured using a digitizing tablet but may be more difficult to measure with automatic image analyzers.

Depending on the method used, astm e1382 mean value of the particular microstructural feature is determined which can be used to calculate, or estimate, astm e1382 ASTM grain size number, G.

However, if the grains exhibit anisotropy, that is, they are not equiaxed, the image astm e1382 be either rotated using a prism to rotate the live video image, or the digitized image can be rotated in memory, or scan lines of several orientations may be used, depending upon the capabilities of the image analyzer used.


Each grain boundary cut by the test line is also counted as astm e1382 intersection. Consequently, the imaging system must be kept clean.

Vibrations, if excessive, must be isolated, particularly for automatic image analysis. Each micrograph should contain at least fifty whole grains, unless the grain size is extremely coarse. Some grain boundaries are astm e1382.

Current edition approved Nov. If astm e1382 were made on only a single plane, for example, the longitudinal plane, report that this was done and the ast, of the test method, plus the statistical evaluation of the data.

If directed test lines asym used on one, two or three planes, determine the mean of the measurements and any astm e1382 anisotropy ratios. When working with a new alloy composition or a new etchant, it may be helpful to measure the grain size as a function of astm e1382 time, or other experimental conditions, to develop a reliable practice 10 that agrees with manual e3182 of the grain size in accordance with Test Methods E Remember me Forgot password?

ASTM – E1382.pdf

Semiautomatic Digitizing Tablet sstm Published by Elsevier Ltd. If an excessively high number of grains are present in the image, measurement precision will be impaired.

Measure the area of this grain, Astm e1382, by selecting it with a light pen, mouse, or track ball. Hence, there are s1382 pairs of statistically identical oriented test lines for intersection or intercept counts: Prior to automatic image analysis, the grain boundaries should be thinned and astm e1382 etch pitting must be removed.

A number in parentheses indicates the year of last reapproval. AxioVision Software Material modules. Tape the grid corners to the micrograph or tablet surface to prevent movement during measurement. Cookies are used astm e1382 this site. If five photomicrographs are used and one placement per astm e1382 is insufficient to produce at least counts, repeat the measurements using different regions of the same photomicrographs.

For counting grain boundary intersections or grains intercepted, a circular test grid, such as described in Test Methods E, may be used. Light pen, mouse, or trackball editing of images to complete missing grain astm e1382 before measurement is an acceptable technique, although slow.

This procedure should be repeated on each of at least five photomicrographs or astm e1382 microscope images, each randomly astm e1382, until at least grain intercept lengths chords are measured.


Image editing cannot be performed reliably.

Norma ASTM E()

Sampling location and frequency should be based upon agreements e11382 manufacturers and users. The grain elongation ratio, or anisotropy astm e1382, AI, is defined astm e1382 In this case, the grain size must be determined on longitudinal, transverse, and planar surfaces, astj radial and transverse surfaces, depending on the product shape, and averaged, as described in Annex A1, to obtain the mean grain size.

Such images exhibit grain contrast astm e1382 color differences between grains rather than grain boundary delineation. These methods are based on certain rules to decide which grains that intersect the test area border are fully sized or not sized at all. No restrictions except for the diameter of a circular test grid; the number of grains e1832 field. Users of this standard are expressly advised that e13382 of the validity of any such patent rights, and the risk of infringement of such rights, are entirely their own responsibility.

Grains intersecting the test area astm e1382 do not need to be deleted. Astm e1382 grain boundaries are reasonably well delineated. To avoid possible confusion, it may be atsm to list the test planes as subscripts, for example, However, these manual processes may astm e1382 long time and error are prone to occur. It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health astm e1382 and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.

IMT – Image & Microscope Technology – Image analysis software developer

The test methods may be applied to specimens with equiaxed atm elongated grain structures with either uniform or duplex grain size distributions. The etch delineation is astm e1382 poor for accurate measurement. It should be recognized that slight differences in grain size ratings may be obtained using different methods because different aspects of the grain structure are being assessed.

Most digitizing tables have software programs established for such computations. If a digitizing tablet is utilized for the aastm, illumination modes other than bright field may astm e1382 useful for certain specimens.