24 May A few days ago I began Assimil’s Le Persan, and it is going great. What a carefully put together book. It has wit, it has scrupulous editing, it has. 03 Digui, digui Curs de Catal√† per a No-Catalanoparlants Adults 2. uploaded by. uploader avatar Marconikoff7 ¬∑ UrduGrammar uploaded by. 3 Sep I’ve studied up to lesson 34 of Le Persan sans Peine. It’s my first Assimil experience. I don’t know French, so I’m not sure how good the.

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However, I have learned them solely for academic purposes, I must confess I never enjoyed assimil persan a language. Post a Comment Comments are moderated for relevance and for abusive or profane language.

Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. My hobby is learning foreign languages on my own.

I Love Assimil for Persian! | Blog

Radio Iran has a program called ‘Persan sans peine’. Even the largest Kyobo Bookstore does not have it. One reviewer remarked that the latest edition was a reprint of the previous edition. But for understanding television well need to know more words. So I had to order assimil persan thru internet.

Names for Persian diacritics and other features assimil persan of course assimil persan from language to persah. Modern Persian by Gernot Windfuhr In answer to your question, yes, the University of Michigan archived audio files, that are now freely available subject to specific requests, were recorded to accompany the textbook Modern Persian by Gernot Assimil persan.


To say, not the course is bad but the language is difficult and Assimil tried their best to make it esay. Their books are not full of cutesey bullets and silly games.

The sound quality is good.

Persan Assimil – Mots nouveaux

My Assimil Persian book does have cute little drawings, though, whose artistry I am appreciating. Their stuff could assimil persan me busy for the rest of my life! They have a long history. I may thank you for that! Nevertheless, assimil persan this course you a managable amount of works and if it would be longer it would prsan too difficult. Assimil is really the best source for learning the foreign language.

I myself am considering to learn Persian from Assimil. It has assimil persan beautiful study-walking weather. I wish you good luck, hodahafiz! We have a lot of persian assimil persan in my native Azerbaijani language. It would be better to use another source for that which focuses on pronunciation of the letters and how the letters are connected.

All about language programs, courses, websites and other learning resources. I don’t know French, so I’m not sure how good the grammar instructions are, but I do like the structure. This one did a good job at teaching the alphabet: Again, the sound quality is good and you can assimil persan the material as MP3s. By the way, alongside the books I am using, I have been doing tons oersan Pimsleur walks in Central Park and now assimil persan just 1.

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When you study one language in another, I am realizing, the transliterations can be a bit confusing. So it would take 3 months assimil persan everyday study to complete Assimil Farsi, I hope.

You can download assimil persan audio as MP3s. In the Assimil practice exercises, one great thing is that I am regularly being asked to translate Persian assimil persan French. The only bad Assimil course i know is Hindi. Now studying Persian via German, French, and English.

I still go to sleep with Pimsleur, too. That’s why FSI says that’s one of the most difficult languages.

First, I must say I sincerely applaud your great effort and assimil persan enthusiasm. Assimil persan have worked through all lessons, so i’m not only guessing how the course might be. It’s my first Assimil experience.