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AS Emergency Escape Lighting and Exit Signs for Buildings. Classify luminaires in accordance with AS and supply copies of test results on request. Battery Specification: LiFePO4, 1 cell V mAh DIRLEDPSSL – WALL MOUNT: AS CLASSIFICATION TABLE . Note: As per AS C0. 14 Dec The published standard for emergency lighting, AS, includes Tables to , which list the maximum spacing between emergency.

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Inspection and maintenance Approval and test specification—General requirements as293.1 electrical equipment Approval and test specification—Luminaires light ae2293.1 Standards may also be withdrawn. Marking to identify the orientation of the C0 plane through the luminaire see Appendix C where the luminaire has a different classification in the C0 and C 90 planes.

Where a standard internally illuminated or externally illuminated exit sign has only a single pictorial element, the face of the sign shall include additional background of an area at least equal to the total area of the pictorial element. April 5, Author: A sample declaration of the compliance of emergency escape luminaires and exit signs with this Standard is given in Appendix B.

To maintain their currency, all Standards are periodically reviewed, and new editions are published. The requirements of Items a and b shall apply both when the emergency escape luminaires are initially switched on i.

Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs V4 | Rick Foster –

It applies both to emergency escape luminaires and exit signs that are centrally supplied, and to emergency escape luminaires and exit signs of the self-contained type. This distance to be 1. AS Planning for Emergencies in Facilities. This shall include the following as applicable: See also Clause 3. For luminaires where the C0 plane is not obvious, it may be designated by the location of the identification symbol of Figure 2. For xs2293.1 exit sign of pictorial element height less than or equal to mm the maximum viewing distance shall be as specified in Table 3.

This marking shall be clearly visible during installation and subsequent inspection of the completed lighting system. Centrally-supplied emergency escape luminaires shall be operated at their rated voltage or, where marked qs2293.1 operation within a range of voltages, the lowest marked voltage.


We also welcome suggestions for improvement in our Standards, and especially encourage readers to notify us immediately of any apparent inaccuracies or ambiguities. As22931 and nuisance alarms. It shall be located in a position where it will be visible from below when the luminaire is installed, except in cases as22931 no appropriate surface exists on the luminaire e. No part of this work may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, without the written permission of the publisher.

There are different obligations under the Regulations dependent on if the building was built after 1st Julyor when building work occurred on as22293.1 building.

Design principles for safety signs in workplaces and public areas Secondary cells and batteries containing alkaline electrolytes—Portable sealed rechargeable single cells Part 1: The terminology now used, and reflected in the new series title, recognizes the term emergency lighting as including four categories of lighting, each provided with an alternative energy supply, as follows: Emergency escape luminaires and exit signs First published zs2293.1 Australia as part of AS Aa2293.1 fluorescent lamps, a statement of acceptable lamp technologies that will not detrimentally affect such aspects as lumen output or the life of control gear.

Detailed information about Standards can be found by visiting the Standards Web Shop at www. It is important that readers assure themselves they are using a current Standard, which should include any amendments which may have been published since the Standard was purchased.

The Building Code of Australia in section E4? At each applicable measurement site specified in Figure 3.

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A combined symbol i. Plumbing Regulations Vic – A nightmare of government red tape and idiotic policy! This Standard distinguishes between documents cited as normative references and those referenced for information only. Email this Book page. They shall also comply with the requirements of Clause 2.

Emergency luminaires and exit signs. Size mm Refer also to Clause 3. A dark colour is recommended. This requirement is in keeping with the principles of the meaning of various sign shapes set out in ISO The use of variations to these basic shapes e. Mekolec is specialised in Emergency Exit Lighting products, offering customer support and advice on stocked products. Nickel-cadmium or other non-acid 1. An exit sign shall consist of one or more of these elements, combined only in accordance with one of the combinations specified in Figure 3.


Some of the definitions below appear in AS For more information, please contact Maintenance Essentials on 30 88 22 or visit our web site at http: From standard product ranges to the most energy efficient LED Satellites and time-saving computerised monitoring systems, Mekolec offers a comprehensive range of exit ass2293.1 and emergency lighting fittings for all environments — small office and commercial, large sports stadiums, infrastructure projects, airports and more.

Direction signs If an exit is not readily apparent to persons occupying or visiting the building then exit signs must be installed in appropriate positions in corridors, hallways, lobbies, and the as22931., indicating the direction to a required exit.

This Standard incorporates the following significant changes from the previous edition: Refer to Clause 3. Fire Hydrant Systems – Principle of Operation. Exit Signs An exit sign must be clearly visible to persons approaching the exit, and must be installed on, above or adjacent to each?

As a standard internally illuminated exit sign in accordance a2s293.1 Clause 1. On the green areas of the pictorial elements, at each applicable measurement site specified in Figure 3. Warning notice regarding isolation of the electrical supply or supplies, if necessary, to ensure the safety of persons working on the emergency luminaire or the integrity of ax2293.1 of the emergency luminaire.

This distance to be 0. This Standard was published on 12 May Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible.