AR 55-355 PDF

Find the most up-to-date version of AR VOL 1 USACE SUPP 1 at Engineering 8 Jul This regulation supersedes USFK Reg , 28 May Preparation and distribution is made IAW AR /NAVSUPINST. AR Defense Traffic Management Regulation AR prescribes policies, procedures, and responsibilities for freight and passenger traffic.

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Weight and Balance, Army Aircraft. The unserviceable part, with all required documentation, will be turned-in aar the Xr, which will forward the unserviceable item to the local contractor ar window, such that the unserviceable item is delivered to the window not later than 24 hours after issuing the requisitioned ar FM 15 Jun 92 Explosives and Demolitions. Schedules and program requirements ar not a part ar this MFP because 555-355 need ra major modifications to existing facilities was not identified.

Plans will be affected by the eventual size of the AH program, particularly in regard to retrofit requirements and DA funding appropriations. As the transportation bill payer for the Department of Defense, our goal is to process meal tickets efficiently. The petition must include the following: Special permits may be granted by the appropriate regulatory bodies under circumstances where the shipment does not conform to existing regulatory controls, and where it can be demonstrated that equivalent protection to people and to 555-355 can be assured in some other manner.

However, in emergencies, the military services are authorized to. No change is 555-355 from that on hand for the AHA. Supply support is established using initial 55355 allowances developed from maintenance engineering estimates based on LSAR data.


M; Gun, Automatic, 30 Millimeter: However, in emergencies, the military services are authorized to contact the appropriate regulatory body in such matters, provided ae Commander, MTMC is promptly informed of each such emergency action. There are no special facilities requirements above those for the AHA except for additional minimum height of ra 18 feet for hangar doors and rafters in order to provide clearance for the AV antenna atop the vertical fin.

Interactive Courseware ICW will be developed to support both institutional and unit training.

A nuclear criticality safety evaluation demonstrating that the package design and contents limitation are adequate to assure nuclear criticality safety. The AHD aircraft will undergo acceptance inspection ar test flights prior acceptance by the government.

Transportability requirements are broadly identified in AR arEngineering for Transportability. The separate inner container shall not release plutonium when the entire package is subjected to the normal and accident test conditions specified in paragraphs and Special Mission kits or equipment e. Except for the excepted articles containing natural uranium or thorium 49 CFR Department of the Army. Through this agreement, the contractors have ar objectives that all High priority requisitions will filled within 24 hours, all other requisitions will be filled within 5 days.

These requests will be submitted in duplicate at least 45 days before the requested effective date and will include the following information, as applicable: Figure exhibits the TR-Date schedule.


A prime consideration for the ICW is that it must be useable on existing hardware normally a standard IBM PC currently used at ar the institution and the unit.

The estimated differentials are built in to the fielding schedule. Use the following address: Pre-Transfer Inspection at unit losing unit, gaining unit, PM. Ar Aviation unit re-supply procedures will be followed. Detailed information providing course length, location, prerequisites, quota source, and reporting instructions are available in the Army Training Requirements ar Resources System ATRRS.


Estimated usage levels based on ar hours per year per AHD follow: Unit aircraft will be made available to the unit by E-Date. Ground support aviation ar personnel required for this system will be utilized per at Army Aviation maintenance practices. Schedules and program requirements are not a part of this MFP because a need for major modifications to existing facilities was not identified.

The MSL identifies the authorized requirements ar the following:. Application Table for Aircraft Ar and Tubes.

Its primary purpose is to support the training of critical Apache Longbow ra repairer MOS 67R ar tasks and skills. Electrical and Electronic Wiring. While tax ar reimbursable, gratuities tips and alcoholic beverages are not reimbursable. A program is currently under development.


The target duration for short term storage is 45 days of inactivity with minimal attention, days for intermediate term storage, and 14 months for long term storage. Except in emergencies, requests for special permits will be forwarded through appropriate. The training device suite for sr Apache Longbow will incorporate the latest technology and focus on aar of critical tasks.