Akrama Sakrama bill for legalization of illegal land and building construction Proposed bill for Akrama Sakrama for residential and commercial buildings. Akrama Sakrama Bill and its Effects Over the years, India has witnessed an immense increase in terms of population. Apart from the encroachments from. 16 Jan Urban Development Department. Related Articles. Kill the Akrama-Sakrama bill, because it’s a farce ยท How does Akrama Sakrama affect you?.

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Our work is to empower citizens, made possible by your donation. Section A of the KMC act prescribes the limit to set-back area and floor area ratio beyond which regularization is not permitted. He notes that the building regulations where adopted from the British Canon Laws and these regulations reflected the building practices and codes of a British society at the time of enactment.

How does Akrama Sakrama affect you?

The interim report of the committee showed shocking results as to the encroachment of government lands; the encroachment in acres was categorized under government departments that control land resources and also estimated the value of the encroached land. To stay tuned with real estate updates Daily Weekly.

Jayaraj Sundaresan speaks about how the planning power of the state has been captured by public and private networks thus forcing the government to normalize violations.

Was Akrama Sakrama a flop show? Jayaraj Sundaresan notes that neighbourhood civil society organizations opposed to the bill later develop internal conflicts because many within them support the move to regularize. But the layout is registered on Nov Akrama-Sakrama Scheme in Bangalore though much awaited by those owning such property does not seem like it will emerge out of the deadlock between the court, civil society organizations and the government.

February 6, Nikita Malusare. The experience in Tamil Nadu has not been very different to that of Karnataka with the High Court recently squashing over 50 government orders notifying a building as regularized.


The payment of betterment levy, betterment fee, improvement charges, development charges, if any, paid under the Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act,the Karnataka Municipalities Act,the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act,the Bangalore Development Authority Act, and the Karnataka Panchayat Raj Act, shall akrana deducted from the total amount to be paid for regularisation.

If the setback and FAR are violated, for violated portions, prescribed fees shall be paid as mentioned in sub-rules 123 and 4. Can you please advise akrmaa can we go ahead and book the apartment. Josephine Joseph researches and writes on urban governance, civic and environmental issues in Bangalore City, from a ‘citizen’ point of view.

If approved layout or building plan is not made available by the applicant, the concerned authority shall scrutinize the Layout or building plans based on the applicable Zonal Regulation at the time of obtaining the approval based on the date of licence number or door number produced by the applicant if licence number or door number is not produced by the applicant the development shall be treated as unauthorised development and the regularisation bikl shall be levied accordingly.

Only 37 applications were filed seeking regularisation of unauthorised buildings in BBMP limits in last one year, though forms sakraka issued! Kamal, DC Converted and Revenue sites are eligible under this scheme, provided the property is eligible. Amendment of rule 3. Cut off dates to be extended under Akrama Sakrama scheme.

Sskrama On Yamuna Expressway: Our apartment association has been fighting with the builder who built 2 small rooms in the parking area and registered them. Building owners can regularise their building deviations by paying a penalty. Wide publicity for receiving applications: Big violators may avoid opting for Akrama-Sakrama. We have seen a apartment in 4th floor but the owner says he sakraa have approval for the 4th floor.


The Akrama-Sakrama Scheme has been challenged on several grounds and by several sections of society and the issue of regularization has become a matter of state capacity and accountability. The Akrama Sakrama scheme is a quick-fix solution to a state that does not want to cede control on planning as is seen in their persistent refusal to set up a Bjll Planning Committee MPC to formulate the Master Plan of the city. A Mega Destination for Affordable Homes.

About Josephine Joseph 46 Articles. It was the BJP government in that finally managed to get the bill passed with lower penalty fees.

Akrama Sakrama Bangalore Know about the rules of Akrama Sakrama bill violations

In a setback to the state government, the Supreme Court on Friday effectively put the brakes on the controversial Akrama-Sakrama scheme which allows regularisation of unauthorised constructions. The government did not prosecute those indicted by the Lokayukta. You bill also click here to read the text of the draft rules, or download the pdf from here.

Amendment of rule 3: The conflict with regularization has existed for a long time in Chennai and also saw one of the earliest cases being fought on this regard at the Supreme Court. Blow for Karnataka government sakrrama apex court slams brakes on ‘Akrama-Sakrama’. The rules of the amended Act is notified in the Gazette. Is Akrama-Sakrama on a strong foundation? Subscribe Now To stay tuned with real estate updates Pick: Will it require regulation under akrama and sakrama THe site area is Sq.

August 14, The rules of the amended Act is notified in the Gazette.