“A Wonderlandiful World” is the third book in the Ever After High series by Shannon Hale. Another series is to be released by Suzanne Selfors. A terrible spell. 13 Oct The students transform into animals and objects, palace mice talk, and the beautiful green grounds on campus fade to black and white. A Wonderlandiful World (Ever After High, book 3) by Shannon Hale – book cover, description, publication history.

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This was one of those books.

Jan 07, Jasmine rated it it was amazing Shelves: Most of time, except in the cases of books like “The Tale of Despereaux” and “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” authors should not directly address their readers! The descriptions in the book were vivid and made it easy to imagine what was going on in the story and what the characters looked like. I love when the cast acts together as an ensemble rather than just two or three people at a time. It is still definitely worth the read.

I don’t think I am cut out for Wonderland because all of the nonsense and riddilish speak made wondetlandiful crazy and not in a good way.

I think things like that should be done more often, just to keep it interesting.

A Wonderlandiful World

This is going to be spoilerific. At one point even the narrator is just speaking nonsense and throwing out random words. Since I did not enjoy this one quite as much as the other 2, I am rating this one 3.


The ending was a bit weird, but I kinda liked it. I mean you got a piece of it with Cedar and the importance of choice.

The author [Shannon Hale] took me though so many adventures. A dagger in my soul. It’s like it’s saying his magic wakened the magic that was already in her.

This last book wasn’t just wonderlandivul for this Goldilocks, but I did have the most hexcellent adventure in the land of Ever After.

I hate it when books have good potential, good authors, good original plot lines, and then just ruin themselves and turn out terrible. I espicially liked the part where Maddie talks to the narrator! This is a problem I have with many books, but here goes: However, I know that I’m a grown ass woman and this was not written for me, so I guess my 12 year old self wonderlandiiful it 4 stars. Like I stole something from the girls.

I was really excited to get to this book since it is the last full length novel to the Ever After High series.

A Wonderlandiful World by Shannon Hale | Scholastic

I always adore Wonderland characters and I’m so much enjoy reading wonderlabdiful book with all the Wonderlandian became the main character. Her silliness is wonderlandjful and is an all around great character. Your voice slowly becoming more nasal and oddly high pitched as if you were being strangled by a possum or a weak octopus or something. SO now there is a ‘mysterious being’ wreaking havoc in Ever After. Feb 28, A. She likes to paint and helped play a role in acquiring the vorpal blade to defeat the Jabberwocky.


Not a bad idea at all! There were non-sense words thrown in. Jul 27, Alina rated it really liked it Shelves: Here we see the book embracing its cheesieness and straight up telling us to pay attention to reader-response theory, but doing so in such a beautiful way.

I’m pretty sure they have this book. This wonderlandifjl focuses on Lizzie, Maddie, Cedar, wonderlajdiful somewhat Kitty trying to save their friends from the Jabberwock.

A Wonderlandiful World (Ever After High, #3) by Shannon Hale

She could have chosen to abandon her friends subjects? Feb 13, Tiffany Spencer rated it it was ok. Jan 12, Bella Paglia added it. Wasn’t the point of the previous two books establishing their relationship? I kinda expected Lizzie to beat the Jabberwocky with the Vorpal Sword. She was more concerned about self-preservation and her throne as well.