23 Aug Do you know a book, which is similar to’A Strategic Chess Repertoire for White’ by Watson meaning that: it covers similar openings (1.d4. A Strategic Chess Opening Repertoire for White by John Watson is something rare these days. Not so long the idea of writing a comprehensive opening. A Strategic Opening Repertoire for White offers everything the 1.d4 player needs if he wants a sound but dynamic set of systems. We’re not talking just 1.d4 d5.

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Material is scrupulously researched and up-to-date. I don’t face many Gruenfeld Defences. Dangerous gambits and sharp counterattacking lines are dealt with, as far as possible, in ways that avoid excessive complications.

A Strategic Chess Opening Repertoire for White: A Complete Plan of Attack with 1.c4 and 2.d4

By doing so he has limited the amount of theory that must be learned but in such a way that Black is not given a free pass. Books with lots of well chosen material, even if you don’t agree with the detailed conclusions I particularly found a a strategic chess opening repertoire for white of Richard Palliser’s books stood up well proved more interesting than some of their more lightweight offerings almost certanly not aimed at me.

It’s a little bit funny that 4. The Exchange Queen’s Gambit avoids the extremely painful Lasker Variation which the professionals play when they want a draw and whose theory at the moment seems on the verge of proving it to be a draw. Cox does a fine job of selecting key variations and illustrative games, but the offered repertoire is very sophisticated and fairly sharp, while the general explanations are scarce most are very technical. Pedro 5 years 11 months ago Permalink. For instance Watson plays 1.


Bg5 Gruenfeld repertoire part of the book and the theory John produces seemed to be a very fair reflection of the status of the variation.

Many ideas for Black are discussed, and remedies proposed, even when they have not yet caught on in practice as yet, thus future-proofing the repertoire to some degree. The Botvinnik Variation may well be close to winning a strategic chess opening repertoire for white white but there is too much theory for the two games I might get in a year and I believe the positions don’t really have a general educational value, they simply teach you how to play the Botvinnik Variation.

I’m pretty enthusiastic about playing either side in the lines recommended here. But black does have to be a terribly good player both with the initiative and in playing tricky queenless middlegames come endings. Soviet School 5 years 11 months ago Permalink. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. I repeetoire certainly tell you that a mix and match of Colle’s and Torre’s have produced results producing positions for me a strategic chess opening repertoire for white the years but is a a strategic chess opening repertoire for white stultifying way to play chess eventually although fairly useful if you want to try the new Slav Triangle ideas with black!

It isn’t an accident that when top players desperately need a win with black the go to the Benoni. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. So what does Watson advise, concretely, against various openings Black depertoire choose against this setup?

I also learned far more quickly than I ever did using physical books. Watson’s opening works aren’t meant to be easy. Going to the more classical lines of the Queen’s Gambit Accepted with some classic middle-game structures.


February 23, Number of pages: Another example is the Anti-Benko weapon 4. tepertoire

The Week in Chess

Watching two weak players bash out the moves of the Bronstein vs Ljubojevic Alekhine’s Defence, one of the most fiendishly complicated games ever played, is a collective memory at our chess club.

I took some fearful beatings as white in the King’s Indian when I first changed from 1. Not so long the idea of writing a comprehensive opening repertoire book just a little a strategic chess opening repertoire for white pages seemed pretty reasonable, but the bar was reset with the publication of a massive two-volume work over pages on 1.

I have to say that it is much easier to work on material directly in Poening and you can certainly tell which books flatter to deceive.

First issue 17th September Unfortunately, there are not many opening books with lots of explanations: Such is the way for most who have received no coaching or help. Mastering Chess Openings vol. RG 5 years 11 months ago Permalink.

Review: A Strategic Chess Opening Repertoire for White | ChessVibes

The repertoire is based on 1 d4 and 2 c4, following up with methodical play in the centre. I would suggest reading the reviews on amazon to see if it is suitable.

Watson consistently recommends lines that aim for a small advantage of the risk-free type. Ditto the Anti-Chigorin line 1.