Download your free PDF file of the chevrolet tahoe on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. Page 1 of Free PDF Manual Download for Chevrolet Tahoe. View and Download Chevrolet Tahoe owner’s manual online. Tahoe Automobile pdf Page Rear Seats, Head Restraints, Rear Seat Operation.

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If you get out on the downhill side and the vehicle starts to roll over, you will be right in its path.

Chevrolet 2005 Tahoe Owner’s Manual

To order the proper service manual, see Service Publications Ordering Information on page A cold check is used ownres as a reference.

It activates only if you use a power door lock switch with the door open, or with the remote keyless entry transmitter. The lap part of the belt should be worn low and snug on the hips, just touching the thighs. The headlamp control has four positions: Page 58 In Canada, the law requires that forward-facing child restraints have a top strap, and that the strap be anchored.

It is a theft-deterrent feature. Disc brake pads have built-in wear indicators that make a high-pitched warning sound when the brake pads are worn and new pads are needed. Do not let used oil stay on owjers skin for very long. Any additional information from Owner Checks and Services on page can be added on the following record pages.


If the surface of a disc is soiled, dampen a clean, soft cloth in a mild, neutral detergent solution and clean it, wiping from the center to the ownesr.

Side impact airbags are available for the driver and right front passenger. Tahoe A child restraint with a top strap should only be used in the second or third row. Page 10 Power Seats If your vehicle has a power seat, you can adjust it with these controls located onwers the outboard sides of the seats.

Fog Lamps If your vehicle has fog lamps, use them for better vision in foggy or misty conditions. First, here is what you should do: Air Conditioning Air Conditioning: Owbers vehicle can roll.

Tighten each wheel nut by hand. Know the majual and plan your route. Your vehicle may have two accessory power outlets, or may have one accessory power outlet located near the cigarette lighter, if equipped. Press this pushbutton to quickly reverse the tape. The system can be controlled from the front controls as well as the rear controls.

Static electricity discharge from the container can ignite the gasoline vapor. Manial Headlamp System When it is dark enough outside, your automatic headlamp system will turn on your headlamps at the normal brightness along with other lamps such as the taillamps, sidemarker, parking lamps and the instrument panel lights.



An example of the Improved Ride label is shown here. If you will be pulling a trailer that, when loaded, will weigh more than 5, lbs 2 kg be sure to use fahoe properly mounted weight-distributing hitch and sway control of the proper size. If the child wears the belt in this way, in a crash the child might slide under the belt. To help make sure your ownwrs systems are working properly after a crash, have them inspected and any necessary replacements made as soon as possible.

Bench Seat Bench Seat If your vehicle has a full bench seat, the seatback can be folded and the seat can be tilted or removed from the vehicle. Either side of the rear seat my be folded ownsrs to provide more cargo space. Your dealer and the service manual have information about servicing your vehicle and the airbag system. Then follow the instructions for the restraint. Here are some things to do to summon help and keep yourself and your passengers safe: